18.04.2024 (Thursday)



Exhibition design: Mónica Taipina

Date: inauguration on April 17, 2024, opening to the public on April 18, closing on June 30.

An exhibition composed of jewellers who are members of PIN, which brings together jewellery made for women who played an important role in the transition to democracy or suffered especially with the dictatorship. Each artist evokes a known or anonymous woman who marked or marks activism for democracy and freedom in Portugal and also in other geographies.

~ 60 artists participate / Until June 30th - Sunday

18.04.2024 (Thursday)



Exhibition design: Mónica Taipina

Date: inauguration on April 17, 2024, opening to the public on April 18, closing on June 30.

Synonymous with the exclusivity of classic jewellery, a symbol of status, power and wealth, the tiara has practically disappeared in the contemporary world. In an artistic field that has in its conceptual genesis the criticism of preciousness and the idea of ​​jewellery for everyone, what can a tiara express?

Former ARCO students and guest artists create contemporary tiaras, a piece of jewellery almost forgotten in the 40st century, inviting dialogue with the classic jewellery from the Royal Treasury collection, in a new version of the exhibition held on the fortieth anniversary of the jewellery department of ARCO.

~40 artists participate / Until June 30th - Sunday


EXHIBITION “1984” by TERESA MILHEIRO, Curators: Natxo Checa and Manuel Costa Cabral

Location: Zé dos Bois Gallery

Date: opening on May 20th, closing on July 20th

Teresa Milheiro's work establishes the body as a place of the inescapable original conflict between the human being and its collective nature. The bio-political instance, upon which violence, control, alienation, and obedience strike, resists the incompleteness of the fragile but sagacious subjectivity, dissatisfied with the docility of surviving and committed to wanting to be. Without documenting forty years of her career, the exhibition "1984" brings together existing and new works, staging, above all, the artist's dialogue with Orwellian dystopia


22-26.06.2024 (Saturday—Wednesday)


10am–17pm (Saturday 14pm–17pm)

Location: Arco – Center for Art and Visual Communication


HOPE Masterclass: Lin Cheung (UK)

Masterclass JEWELLERY IN ACTION: Manuel Vilhena (PT)

24-30.06.2024 (Monday Sunday)


Location: different spaces in Lisbon

These events are the initiative of galleries, artist collectives and schools, or independent curators who, during the central week of the Biennale, will show works related to the general theme.

Galeria Reverso presents Veronika Fabian

Galeria Tereza Seabra presents Eija Mustonen and Helena Lehtinen

Cindor School (Portugal)

António Arroio School (Portugal)

Algures Jewellery School (Brazil)

Atelier Mourão School (Brazil)

Extranalities Collective

Power by collective #000000

Broca Group (Brazil)

Bang Bang (duo exhibition by Renata Porto and Áurea Praga)

Students at the Munich Art Academy

L' étrangère (curated by Elena Karpilova)

Resistance + Fragility (collective exhibition)

Alter Solis (group exhibition)

Birth (group exhibition)

Is It Worth How Much Does It Weigh? (collective exhibition)

From Ex-voto to jewel with power (solo by Márcia Cirne)

When men climb trees (duo exhibition by Typhaine Le Monnier and Ana Albuquerque)

Radical Softness (group exhibition)

Walk the line (group exhibition)

Kukas (meeting with the artist)

Tympani Organ (Fausto Lobo solo)

The Power of Flora (duo of Kaia Ansip and Sandy Graça)

Emerge (group exhibition)

Brave to Live (group exhibition of Ukrainian artists)

Enchanted Traces (textile jewelry exhibition)

Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition and Auction (Auctioneer Veritas)

27.06.2024 (Thursday)



Date: 27th, 28th and 29th June.

Three half days of debate and reflection on political jewellery, jewelry and the power and politics of jewellery, with national and international speakers.

June 27 / Give me a Revolution

Cindi Strauss (USA), Monica Gaspar (ES), Vivi Touloumidi (GR)

June 28 / More than Flowers

Dionea Rocha Watt (BR), Rosa Maria Mota (PT), Toon Leen (BE)

June 29 / Radical Entanglements

Clementine Edwards (AU), Patricia Domingues (PT), Benjamin Lignel (FR)

27.06.2024 (Thursday)

MADRUGADA COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION, Curatorship: Mónica Gaspar (ES), Patrícia Domingues (PT), Marta Costa Reis (PT)

Location: MUDE - Fora de Portas

Palace of the Counts of Calheta - University of Lisbon / Belém

Date: opening on June 27, 2024, closing on September 22.

“The core exhibition of the Biennale is about a journey through the various themes and notable moments of political jewels, bringing together multiple artists from different nationalities. “Madrugada” appeals to that moment of total possibility, of infinite potential that was felt at the dawn of the Revolution, but it is not just the themes of 1974 that we want to bring to this exhibition, we want to use that energy to think about the now and design the future Based on this idea and the intuitions raised by the title “Madrugada”, we sought to generate sharing, coexistence, emancipation, collaboration, democracy and dialogue, creating an exhibition where everything is interconnected and increases in this connection. of ideas and objects. From these sections, connections are born that become more complex, occupying the space, inspired by the works, the dialogues they establish and how the political dimension is expressed by the artists.

We are planning the exhibition around the following thematic areas: More than Flowers, Caring, Materiality, Voices of Protest, Tools, Memories, Identity, Borders, Hope and Give me a Revolution.” (excerpt from the curatorial project)

28.06.2024 (Friday)

SCHOOL MEETING and EXHIBITION, Curator: Catarina Silva

Location: Arco – Center for Art and Visual Communication

Date: June 28

Participants: Ar.Co – Center for Art and Visual Communication (PT), Central of Saint Martins – University of the Arts (UK), Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (EE), Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School (IT), Konstfack. University of Arts, Crafts and Design. Jewellery and Corpus (SE), PXL-MAD – School of Arts Hasselt (BE), Saint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen (BE). The exhibition continues throughout the month of July.

28.06.2024 (Friday)


Location: FRESS Museum

Date: 28-30 June

International galleries present their best pieces, based on the Biennial's theme. Each of them was asked to include at least one Portuguese artist in their exhibition, thus seeking to promote the representation of national artists in other markets.

Participating: Galeria Alice Floriano (Brazil), Galerie Beyond (Belgium), Galerie Quittenbaum (Germany), Galerias Platina and Four (Sweden), Galerie Handwerk (Germany), Tincal Lab (Portugal)

29.06.2024 (Saturday)


Participants: Catherine Blackburn, Jonathan Boyd, Damara English, Manuel Vilhena, Johanna Zellmer.

Location: MUDE Out of Doors

Date: June 29, 2024.

Conversations between artists participating in the “Madrugada” exhibition


Location: - Center for Art and Visual Communication

Date: June 29, 2024

Celebration of Dawn and the Biennale.

30.06.2024 (Sunday)

Closing of Contemporary Tiaras and Jewelry for Democracy Exhibitions at the Royal Treasury Museum