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More than 20 exhibitions by artists, collectives, students, schools and galleries present very diverse works, subordinate to the general theme of the Biennale.

Each exhibition brings a different vision of how jewellery intersects with political expression, in a variety of interpretations and works that greatly enrich the Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery Biennial. Openings and meetings with artists will take place throughout the week of June 20th to 30th.

"Jewel of Freedom

António Arroio Artistic School

Location: Ourivesaria Sarmento, Rua Áurea 251, 1100-486 Lisbon

Artists: Final year students of the Goldsmithing Course:

Alice Lopes, Beatriz Reis, Carlota Taipa, Daniela Cruz, Dinis Sales, Emília Untu, Érica Almeida, Eva Bacalhau, Inês Barradas, Isabel Sotomayor, Julieta Tavares, Julieta Casanova, Lara Navalho, Lara Matos, Laura Oliveira, Leonor Lima, Luísa Silva , Mafalda Serra, Maria Beatriz Bateira, Maria Elias Borges, Maria Madalena Aragão, Maria Margarida Palma, Maria Sofia Vicente, Mariana Santos, Matilde Gens, Matilde Martins, Matilde Magalhães, Núria Paím, Rafaela Pereira, Rita Carvalho, Rita Pereira, Sara Pacheco , Theo Zambrano

The exhibition presents a corpus work of thirty-three students, finalists of the Artistic Production Course – Goldsmithing, at the school ANTÓNIO ARROIO, from Lisbon, taking as reference the theme of II Lisbon Contemporary Jewelery Biennial - “Political Jewels/Jewels of Power” – focusing on Intervention Music. The project on display “Joia de Liberdade” was developed in times of full celebration of the 50th anniversary of April 25th Revolution, under the influence of the songs selected byLuis Robalo in his book “April Notebook, revisited songs”.

The materialized objects/jewelry – medals – bring to the presence the meaning and power of freedom, revealing the unique manifestations of the creative universe of young people in formation. They are based on specific technical and artistic learning processes that open space for reflection and exploration, representation/innovation of forms, materials and techniques and resilient construction, in an incessant search to express different ideals and identities in interaction.

This exhibition is part of the program of 2nd Lisbon Contemporary Jewelry Biennial, as a result of the partnership between António Arroio Artistic School with PIN - Portuguese Association of Contemporary Jewelry.

Opening - June 12th, 17.30pm

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 3am to 6pm, Saturdays from 10am to 19.00pm, Sundays and Mondays - Closed

The Exhibition will be open from 12th to 29th June 2024

"When men climb trees”

Location: Soul Mood-Chiado (Travessa do Carmo nº 1, Loja 3, 1200-095 Lisbon - Largo do Carmo 1200-092 Lisbon, Portugal)

Artists: Ana Albuquerque + Typhaine Le Monnier

The photographs from April 25th, with men on top of the branches, branches and trunks of trees, represent the need to see events higher, further and with greater joy. This fact represents energy, freedom, movement, the absence of limits, rhythm and impermanence. Trees function as support for the body, which moves between the spaces in the branches. We want Jewellery that represents this possibility of freedom. The structures, which lead us to see beyond closed spaces, the rhythms that are crossed without fear of censorship, objects that are outside the normalized parameters of serial reproduction and conventional forms and materials. We want to establish a dialogue between two jewellers, based on the relationship that these men had with trees and with each other. What were the routes that took them there? where from, where to? Having the same references talking to each other and developing work that aims to have some combination of common points. We propose to create an exhibition with jewelry that enters into dialogue and counterpoint, knowing that we both have some similar approaches to jewelry, let's see what objects emerge from this experience.

Opening with the presence of the artists: June 20th, 15:30pm-18:30pm

Guided tour. 29.06.24 - 11pm

Time: 10.30am to 18.30pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 20th to July 20th 2024

“Macunaima Muiraquitã”

Location: Galeria Sá da Costa / Rua Serpa Pinto 19, Lisbon

Artists: Grupo BROCA, Clau Senna, Maria Alves de Lima, Marina Sheetikoff, Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Nicole Uurbanus, Silvia Beildeck, Renata Meirelles, Thais Costa

The book Macunaíma, written by Mario de Andrade and published in 1928, has as its reference the work of the German ethnologist Theodor Koch-Grünberg, who, through his travels and studies, recovers legends and myths reported by people originally from South America. Macunaíma is part of Brazilian cultural heritage, such as folklore, an icon of the production of a supposed Brazilian identity. A character without character, as hybrid as he is “transmutant”, in his saga, our anti-hero sets out in search of a lost amulet, a muiraquitã, made of carved stone, considered a gift from the icamiabas (Amazons, female warriors) to the indigenous people, a jewel of protection and power. Almost 100 years have passed, and Macunaíma is still around, still here. Between coincidences and specificities, Grupo Broca's project on Macunaíma understands it in its contemporary context. Like an overflight, or like a dive, an expedition in a Brazil that is multiple, but nominally one. In its immense territory, which is forest, urban and rural, which is black, indigenous, colonizer and colonized, any attempt at universalization implies many erasures. We are interested in talking about this multiplicity, this diverse simultaneity, the possibility of a disintegrated integration, a syncretism that is as original as it is acquired, showing the strength of the presence, overlap and concomitance of different cultures, in possibilities of representing the world through artistic forms. Macunaíma is modern-day Brazil.

Opening – June 22nd, 18pm

Opening hours: 12pm to 18pm every day.

The Exhibition will be open from the 22nd until the 30th of June 2024

Enchanted Traces

Location: Traces of Me, Rua da Misericórdia 102, Chiado

Curated textile accessories created by the Traces of Me design team. Timeless handmade jewelry, inspired by nature and oriental aesthetics and culture. Holders of a unique beauty, they are icons that preserve Memories to enjoy and share.

Opening 11am

Opening hours: Until June 30th from 10:30 am to 14 pm / 15 pm to 19:30 pm


“The Power of Flora”

Location: Ajuda Botanical Garden / Calçada da Ajuda, 1300-011 Lisbon

Artists: Kaia Ansip, Sandy Graça

“The Power of Flora” is a dedication to plants and the power they have over the human imagination. Plants are given meanings, but they themselves have no voice. Nations have their own flowers, queens and powerful political figures have used their symbolic flowers. Meanwhile, a flower is a flower. With the exhibition “The Power of Flora”, artists Kaia Ansip and Sandy Graça explore their own imagination about flowers and plants. Both are passionate gardeners, one in the city and the other in the countryside. The Ajuda Botanical Garden, the oldest garden in Lisbon, will be the place for offerings to Flora, the goddess of flowers and gardens.

Opening - June 24th, 14.30pm

Opening hours: from 10am to 18pm (Tuesday to Friday) Saturday from 3am to 6pm

The Exhibition will be open from 24th to 29th July 2024

"50 years. Today”, Atelier Mourão

Location: The Design Store / Rua Castilho, 65 C, 1250 068 Lisbon

Conception and idealization: Atelier Mourão with the collaboration of Cristina Filipe (guest teacher)

Artistic guidance: Ana Paula de Campos and Cristina Filipe

Executive guidance: Paula Mourão and JP Vellaco

General coordination and production: Atelier Mourão - Livia Mourão

Artists: Cristiane Arenas, Ivete Cattani, Rita Clinquart, Amanda Daher, Matheus Guinle, Rosa Ribeiro, Carol Roz, Liza Tuli, JP Vellaco, Paula Mourão (Guest artist)

Guests: Juliana Aguiar, Alessandra Aquino, Renee Assayag, Luciana Bezerra, Rosana Borges, Pedro Henrique de Brito, Canivezi, Ronaldo Pinto, Paulo Augusto Luz Ferreira Sabá, Alessandra Sapoznik, Joana Aurélio (special guest)

Atelier Mourão proposes an exhibition project based on the viewing of the film Capitães de Abril — directed by Maria Medeiros about the night of the 24th and the dawn of the 25th April 1974 — from the awareness of the profound transformations that Portugal underwent after 48 years of dictatorship, and a group of elected people who celebrate, like the Revolution, 50 years in 2024. Each participant was invited to think about and make a piece of jewelry and a badge, alluding to the Revolution, for the person from that group who was proposed to them. The project seeks to reflect on the way the generation born in 1974 grew up and lives today, and how the social and political transformations of the last fifty years have been reflected in each person's life. The exhibition project results in photos of the chosen group, the jewelry and badges made.

Opening – June 24nd, 18pm

Opening hours – from 10:30 am to 19:30 pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

Guided Tour: 29/06/24 at 18pm

The Exhibition will be open from 24th to 29th July 2024

“L'étrangère” A research of political migration phenomena

Curator: Elena Karpilova

Location: private house

Artists: Ana Escobar Saavedra, Anastasia Rydlevskaya, Elena Karpilova, Helen Clara Hemsley, Into Niilo, Julieta Ruiz Argañaraz and Maria Motyleva, Nastasia Fomina, Sharareh Aghaei, Tamara Marbl Joka, Tzu-Yun Hung

L'étrangère* What does it mean to be an emigrant? Where is this fragile border between migration and emigration today? When can emigration be considered political? For example, labor migration is officially considered voluntary (International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families, 1990). But it is extremely difficult to agree with this. Can migration offer a sense of freedom? “Having one foot in one country and the other in another, I consider my situation happy because it is free.” René Descartes, 1648. The exhibition/research presents works and reflective texts by jewelers on forced migration. Those who have become strangers, l'étrangèr(e)s. Some left their homeland more than 20 years ago, some very recently and are unable to even visit family for a short visit, some have not yet found a permanent place to live and one's country has disappeared completely. It will take place in the apartment of the exhibition's curator, Elena Karpilova, also a migrant. Thus, the place itself, the apartment, the rooms, the interior, will also participate in the project. There, in a modest rented apartment, typical of any migrant, visitors can feel at home. They will be able to drink tea, help prepare traditional dishes from Belarus, Elena's homeland, and enjoy them. And even lie down if they are tired. In short, DO NOT feel foreign, l'étrangèr(e).

*The title is a quote from the novel “L'Étranger”; by Albert Camus, published in 1942 during the Second World War. The “e” added to the end indicates the feminine gender in French, referring to the feminine gender of the exhibition curator.

Visits to the exhibition by appointment:

Opening – June 25th, 12pm-21pm

Time: 26th and 27th June, 11am-12pm, 14pm-15pm, 19pm-22pm

28 June 11am-14pm

The Exhibition will be open from 26th to 28th July 2024


Location: Atelier Nos Astros / Rua 4 de Agosto 4B, 1900-097 Lisbon

Artists: Luz Arias, Nina Lima, Márcia Lima and Maria Eugênia Munoz

Fragile bodies that resist.


A dark period in the history of many countries. It doesn't have to be repeated.

There's no need to forget.

Opening - June 25th 13pm

Time: June 26th to 29th from 17pm to 21pm

The Exhibition will be open from 25th to 29th July 2024

“Kukas by Casa Fortunato”

Location: Rua da Escola Politécnica, 219, 1250-101 Lisboa

Artist: Kukas

“I always felt seduced and attentive to the forms, discovering their creative and playful meaning, in an exercise of the power of synthesis. Finding harmony, without resorting to excess, whether in words, sound or lines, is something that I greatly admire. I have always tried this ethics/aesthetics in my work, in which I privilege the more refined, more geometric, more linear phase” Kukas, 2012

Opening/Conversation with the artist: June 25th, 16.30pm

Time: 16h30 to 18h

The Exhibition will be open from 25th to 28th July 2024

"Brave to Live"

Location: Galeria Resistência, Rua Tenente Espanca, 2A, 1050-222 Lisbon

Artists: Anna Avits, Asya Gulak, Denis Music, Inesa Kovalova, Liza Portnova, Olga Komisarova, Olga Vynogradova, Olga Radionova, Tetiana Chorna, Vadym Lohvynenko, Yulie Kleom

Curated: Kateryna Music, Co-Founder of LANKA Ukrainian Jewelery Community

The "BRAVE TO LIVE" exhibition is the second edition of the LANKA Ukrainian Jewelry Community, dedicated to human resilience in the face of war. The first edition was presented in the spring during Munich Jewelery Week and featured works by six artists.

This summer, as part of the Lisbon Jewelry Biennial, the project presents the stories of 11 artists about their personal experiences in the war started by Russia against their country.

The exhibition brings together artistic expressions of the horrors and suffering brought by war, of unborn lives and stolen childhoods, and of the strength of Ukrainian resistance. Artists share their lost dreams and portray layers of unwanted experiences that will forever remain in their memories. They create their own monuments to the destroyed architectural landmarks of occupied Donbas, trying to bear the pain of loss. Despite these experiences, hope appears in the form of fantastic plants and new forms of life.

Each piece is a victory of light over darkness in times of terror and the absence of any illusion of security.

This audacious courage to live offers hope for recovery!

Opening: 17pm

Opening hours: until July 4th from 11am to 19:30pm - Tuesday to Friday (other days and holidays by appointment only).

“From ex-voto to jewel with power: transits”

Location: Poesia Incompleta bookstore, Rua de São Ciro 26, 1200-831 Lisbon

Artist: Márcia Cirne

To the fervently made requests, of whose promises and commitments the ex-votos are proof, fragments of Sappho's poems are added. Unlikely mixtures in which wood, copper, bronze, fabrics, threads are punctured, burned, embroidered as marks of desire and pain that cross time and result in things with a body and voice without an exact date.

This voice comes from poems that span around 2600 years, like echoes, every time someone said, sang or wrote the poet's verses, found on papyri, on pieces of ancient ceramics or rewritten in many languages ​​by many other poets. Timeless words sung by women, about women, for women, timeless. Loving rites with the power to persist.

In the remaining fragments of Sappho's poems and in what they make us imagine, precious forces reverberate, which are the true gold of these jewels made from materials foreign to goldsmithing, loaded with an idea of ​​anti-power.

This exhibition takes place in one of the most interesting bookstores in Lisbon, Poesia Incompleta. The jewelry will be placed on tables covered with burel in colors that match those usually used in bookbinding and will be illuminated here and there with a reading light so that they can be seen up close, just as books are read.

Opening: June 25th, 17.30pm

Hours: 14.30am to 19pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 24th to 30th


Location: Fábrica Moderna / R. Pereira Henriques 5 1950, Lisbon

Opening of the exhibition with the presence of Lucia Massei, director of the Alchimia school in Florenza.

Fábrica Moderna Exhibition - Talk and Cocktail @ Manja

Artists: Amélia Marta, Bruno Ferreira, Deema Murad, Dina Elkhouly, Francesca Caccioppoli, José Luiz Dantas

“Emerge” encapsulates the transformative odyssey of restricted freedom, highlighting a selection of works that embody resilience and evolution. This exhibition explores the powerful interplay between confinement and liberation, inviting viewers to delve into the profound liberation and empowerment that arise from breaking down barriers. With each piece, we witness the birth of new perspectives and possibilities, celebrating the human spirit's tireless quest for liberation.

Opening: 18.30pm (until 21pm)

Opening hours: from 26th to 30th June from 14pm to 19pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 26th to 30th


Alter Solis | The other sun”

Location: Church of Our Lady of Conceição Velha

Rua da Alfândega, 108 | 1100-016 Lisbon

Artists: Sharareh Aghaei, Dot Melanin, Nikolaus Egger, Tatiana Giorgadse, Iris Hummer, Levani, Jishkariani, Nikita Kavryzhkin, Typhaine Le Monnier, Caio Mahin, Ullrich Reithofer, Ye Wang, Kun Zhang.

ALTER SOLIS is an exhibition designed and assembled by an eclectic group of contemporary jewellery artists who came together to share their light within the scope of the second Lisbon Jewellery Biennial. As parallel Suns, as a parallel event, we will address the concept of the “other”. Who's the other one? Where does the Other begin and where does the Other end? Do we inspire or antagonize each other, do we share or steal each other's sunshine? How do we compose with each other? Do we have enough sun for each other? We will show you the results of these variables, with heliotropic Lisbon in the background.

Opening: June 26th, 10.30am

Open Hours:

Monday to Friday | 10:30 am – 13:30 pm / 15:20 pm – XNUMX:XNUMX pm

Saturday | 10am – 13:30pm

Sunday and Holidays | 9:30am – 14pm / 15pm – 18pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 26th until July 26th

“Power” by #000000

Location: Decorative Arts Museum | FRESS / Rua de São Tomé 90, 1100-261 Lisbon

Artists: Carlos Silva, Jorge Manilla, Jordi Aparicio, Rodrigo Acosta and Valentim Quaresma

“#000000” is a project that brings together 5 jewellers who work in the area of ​​Contemporary Jewellery. Coming from 4 different countries, their works present different approaches and materials that range from fashion to artistic expressions, from textiles to coal, plastic, leather, readymade or metallurgy. Despite their clear individuality, these five male voices intersect in this project with a mutual condition. #000000, the hexadecimal value of black, refers to the complete absence of color and is the common ground for artists to explore the range of meanings associated with it. Allusions to the secret and the unknown, hiding and protecting, strength and authority, elegance or sophistication are revealed throughout the exhibition, which in this edition orients its symbolic values ​​towards the territory of power.

Opening: June 26th 12pm to 18pm

Opening hours: 11am to 18pm 

The Exhibition will be open from June 26th to 30th 

“General Jelly”

School Algures Brazil

Location: Decorative Arts Museum | FRESS

Rua de São Tomé 90, 1100-261 Lisbon

Artists: Alan Araujo, Alice Lobato, Ana Baldini, Ana Moreira, Andrea Zlatkin, Angelo Rubens, Bárbara Coufal, Camila Ligabue, Carmen Ciancio, Clau Senna, Claudia Schlabitz, Cris Arenas, Elaine Namba, Eliana Rodrigues, Érica Carvalho, Esperança Léria, Flavia Cintra, Flavia Maissonave, Flavia Vidal, Giuliana Mantovi, Isabella Perillo, Izabel Trinas, Jacque Basso, Joana Vasconcelos, Joicy da Silva, Juliana Pupin, Juliana Sugimoto, Karine Groff, Lorena Baggio, Lucia Higuchi, Mari Tostes, Maria Guapindaia, Maria Regina Mazza, Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Mirian Zavarelli, Nadia Schurkim, Nathalia Canamary, Nazareth Pinheiro, Nina Lima, Paula Andrade, Paula Souza, Priscilla Costa, Rebeca Guerberoff, Renata Meirelles, Rô Boff, Vanessa Rosalino.

“A poet unfurls the flag and the tropical morning begins resplendent, burning, a bonfire in a sunflower heat with joy in the general Brazilian jam that the Brazilian newspaper announces.” Gilberto Gil and Torquato Neto

Geleia Geral is a manifesto song written in 1968 by Gilberto Gil and Torquato Neto, in which combinations of modernity and tradition, urban elements and folklore are juxtaposed, valuing the country's wealth while assuming a critical position, in a musical syncretism that proposes deconstruction of nationalist jingoism in force at that period.

The military dictatorship in Brazil lasted 21 years. One of the favorite targets of censorship was music, as they believed it had a greater power to penetrate people's subconscious than other artistic manifestations. Most of those who were censored did not criticize the military and their actions, but were banned because they “violated morals and good customs”.

Algures Escola de Joalharia Contemporânea values ​​cultural diversity and democracy and in this exhibition it presents the work of 46 students from different parts of Brazil and Portugal, turning its eyes to this disastrous period in our history, so that it never happens again. Among the topics presented are the violation of human rights, such as the restriction of freedom, physical and moral abuse, torture, political disappearances, religious intolerance, as well as gender, indigenous and racial issues, feminism, among many others.

Geleia Geral, was an expression created by the poet Décio Pignatari, and today, it refers to “mixture”, alluding to these Brazils within Brazil.

Opening – June 26th from 12pm to 18pm

Time: June 27th to 30th from 11pm to 18pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 26th to 30th 

“Radical Softness”

Location: Madalena Church

Largo Madalena 1, 1100-404 Lisbon

Artists: Darja Popolitova, Erle Nemvalts, Eve Margus, Hansel Tai, Ketli Tiitsar, Kristi Paap, Kristiina Laurits, Maarja Niinemägi, Maria Valdma Härm, Nils Hint, Piret Hirv, Taavi Teevet, Tanel Veenre, Villu Plink, Julia Maria Kunnap.

“Radical Softness” brings together artists who have the courage and ability to talk about major themes that concern the basic principles of being. In an era of culture and identity wars, a premeditated break has a meaning of its own. 15 jewelers make an existentialist statement through the material, challenging you to stop and seek answers - and also the tenacity to remain yourself - from the inside rather than the outside.

Resistance as being yourself, being yourself as resistance.

Alongside the exhibition, I conducted an interview with Professor Jüri Allik, who studied in depth the common parts of nationality and personality, who established the parallel of "radical softness" with physics - resistant softness instead of elasticity, the ability to body to change its shape under the influence of an external force and to return to its previous shape when that force disappears.

Resistant softness - flexibility as a way to prevent breakage. This type of self-awareness depends on empathy for yourself and your environment. Tenderness and vulnerability fuel courage. A Nordic always explores the world with stoic conservatism and time shakes things up even more. An intelligent Estonian knows that “wise people are in no hurry”. Calm does not mean indifference or imprecision, but is rather a synergistic perception of the world in which the intuitive, perhaps even the magical, has a captive place. In our softness there are also traces of escapism, to relieve the pressure.

“Radical Softness” challenges hierarchical systems that prioritize dominance and control – opting for the language of kindness and understanding. We aim to melt rigidity with gentleness, dissolve power into compassion.

I also consider it important to add an observation, which at the same time collapses the entire construction of my national body like a house of cards. In Jüri Alliku's research, he noticed that the average differences in personality traits between cultures or countries are often smaller than between any two people living in the same place. The personality or character of an Estonian is much more different from the character of another randomly chosen Estonian than, for example, when we analyze the personality differences between an average Portuguese and an average Estonian. Thus, the differences between cultures are small compared to the large differences within each culture.

At the same time, there is a strong dose of romanticism in (national) mythology itself, a disease of tenderness that often haunts artists. And yet something still seems to unite us, at least among these 15 participating artists... we all recognize each other in a “radical softness”, each in our own way.

Tanel Veenre

Opening – June 26th 14pm to 19pm

Time: 11am to 19.00pm

The Exhibition will be open from the 26th to the 30th of June    

CHALK & TALK a participatory project by the collective EXTRANALITIES about democratic legacies and other issues that matter even more!!

Location: Old sacristy of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Incarnação, Largo do Chiado 15, 1200-108 Lisbon

Artists: Felieke van der Leest, Catarina Silva, Herman Hermsen, Denise Reytan, Sara Gackowska, Christoph Zellweger, Peter Vermandere, Sofia Björkman, Timothy Information Limited, Marília Maria Mira

The humble chalk and a cheap tent are ingredients for an exploratory journey into the good and bad of today's democracy, starting in the sacristy of a breathtaking church.

Opening: June 26th, 14.30:XNUMX pm

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 2am to 10pm

During the Biennale week, artists will be present from 10am to 13.00pm

The exhibition will be open from June 26th until July 28th 2024

“The Dawn I Waited For”

Location: Joalharia do Carmo, Rua do Carmo, 87B, 1200-093 Lisbon

Artists: CINDOR Students

The verses written by Sophia - in her poem Madrugada - inspired, inspire and will continue to inspire new creative revolutions in the hands of future jewelers in the country.
This was the motto, therefore, for the exhibition of jewelry created by students at CINDOR, the only Professional Training Center for Goldsmithing and Jewelery in the country, which will be on display at Joalharia do Carmo from the 26th to the 31st of July.
Creativity, technique, legacy and contemporaneity come together to celebrate 50 years of revolution, freedom, critical thinking, spontaneity!

Opening: June 25th at 15pm

Opening hours: June 26th to July 15th, 10am-20pm (21pm Friday-Sunday)

“Hooked on: Power Bonds“

Location: Reverse Gallery

Veronica Fabian | Solo Exhibition

Window Project | Lisiane Hilário

Rua da Esperança 59 - 61, 1200-655 Lisbon

In her new series, Veronika continues to explore the interconnection between jewelry and identity, with special emphasis on the different elements of jewelry. The main body of the work consists of necklaces with enlarged clasps and hooks made entirely of chains. The traditional roles in the piece of jewelry are inverted and new rules are established: elevated from their usual supporting function, the clasps on Veronika's jewelry are powerful symbols of authority and control. Just like amulets, imbued with a mystical meaning, these pieces claim a feeling of power from whoever uses them. Through this work, Veronika aims to visually articulate the complexities of today's life, presenting oversized hooks as tangible manifestations of power amidst ever-changing scenarios.

Opening: June 26th from 16pm to 19pm

Biennial week opening hours: 27th and 28th from 11am to 19pm, 29th from 11am to 16pm

Exhibition will be open from June 26th to July 25th 2024

“Walk the Line”

Location: Atelier Tânia Gil

Travessa dos Mastros 1, 1200-265 Lisbon

Artists: Elena Larrén, Judy McCaig, Clara del Papa, Tânia Gil, Silvia Serra, Lija Álvarez

On the edge, on the edge, on the tightrope, at the limit, in trouble, at risk... these are some of the synonyms to describe “walking the line”. This expression is often used to designate a person who finds themselves in an unstable, insecure, volatile, variable, conflictual or dangerous situation, leading to a precarious position with a high risk of suffering imprecise or negative consequences. Walking a narrow line involves balance and constant attention. This act reflects the complexity of decision-making, especially those that define power relations. Knowing, understanding and analyzing the nature of the problem and its possible solutions determines the choice of path and its potential consequences. Our power is the ability to influence the world around us. However, decisions carry responsibilities and risks. Just like walking a tightrope, exercising power requires balanced judgment and awareness of the consequences of each step. Every choice made in a position of power can have a significant impact on the course of events and the lives of others. Ultimately, the ability to walk that fine line between power and responsibility defines an individual's integrity. Those capable of balancing their own interests with the collective well-being are those who truly wield power effectively and ethically. The Walking the Line metaphor leads us to reflect on the nature of our decisions and the skill needed to maintain balance in difficult situations. In this context, “walking the line” not only involves keeping ourselves physically stable, but also making conscious and deliberate decisions that guide us through the challenges and uncertainties we face.

Opening: June 26th, 16.30:XNUMX pm

Time: 27th, 28th and 29th from 11am to 19pm

Day 30 from 11am to 18pm

The Exhibition will be open from the 26th to the 30th of June  

“Bang Bang”

Location: Oficina da Emenda / Rua da Emenda nº39, Lisbon

Artists: Aurea Praga, Renata Porto


The weapon deconstructed in its image: monster that becomes anti-monster.

- Choose your weapons!

- To kill what?

The time? Kill with love? Of passion, of desire...? Of death, killed or killed.

One can also die from boredom, from laughing, from eating, drinking or from hunger. And also exhaustion, greed, power. In wars, weapons materialize an intention – in the same way, we choose our weapons for our personal wars. As a child, I played bang-bang in the field with the roots of the lily flower, their shape is like buried pistols. Part of the root of the lily flower, a symbol of celestial purity, a promise of immortality and salvation. When I was challenged to this duel that allows us to so many reflections, I immediately made my choice: just as the carnation created a Revolution in Portugal, I face my rival with my weapons of redemption.


I heard that those who read a thousand books live a thousand lives.

Can the value of a book then be compared to the value of a life? From several lives?

When a book is censored there is a past that is destroyed and a future that disappears.

Who has the right to decide on the words of others?

Where is freedom of expression?

Where is the right to diversity, so defended in these times?

Books are beyond good and evil, readers are not.

Opening: June 26th, from 17.30pm to 20pm

TIME: 14pm - 20pm

The Exhibition will be open from June 26th to July 6th 2024

“Gardens and Shelters”

Tereza Seabra Gallery

R. da Rosa 158, 1200-011 Lisbon

Artists: Eija Mustonen and Helena Lehtinen

Helena Lehtinen uses vintage textiles as a starting point for her pieces. She combines several different cross stitch elements, mainly with floral motifs, to create large necklaces or brooches. The ornaments are highlighted with numerous hand-sewn glass beads. With these works, she also wants to highlight the invisible work of female craftsmanship. The hours they spent creating something beautiful to decorate their homes. Kitsch? Yes. But what is important is the time that has been used. Time for yourself.

Eija: We need protection from heat, cold, dirt, shocks, eyes. We need protection when we work in the garden, thinning the forest, tilling the soil, working on a construction site, cooking, fighting, being in the sun, in heavy rain, meeting other people. Hammered and folded metalwork can be seen as part of the body's clothing, such as sleeves and skirts, or as a protective part of the body. The atmosphere of these works is a mix of the historical and the contemporary.

Opening: June 26th, 18:XNUMX pm

Opening hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 13pm and from 14pm to 19pm

Wednesdays from 14pm to 19pm

Exhibition will be open from June 26th to July 27th 2024


Location: House of Common

Rua da Rosa, 285, 1200-408 Lisbon

Artists: Ana Bellagamba, Caio Mahin, Sannie Hartman

Like a seed in the womb, BIRTH is about connections and beginnings. A simultaneous search of the past, present and future to engage with the next generation of contemporary jewellers. We want to invite you to be part of our small kitchen during breakfast or afternoon tea in which endless discussions about contemporary jewelry and what it means to be an artist today took place, resulting, consequently, in this exhibition. In reality, BIRTH represents our roots, whether in concept or expression, due to the portrayal of our identity. With this in mind, Sandra Hartman's work will observe the cycles of nature and take advantage of plant life rituals to address themes of human imprints such as finitude to deepen the understanding and perception of the man-nature dichotomy. Concepts that are expanded by Ana Bellagamba's pieces, in which sculptural organic forms combined with a sewing technique passed down through generations of women in her family. Ana's work is an invitation to travel back in time through the intimacy of a meticulous DNA construction. In line with this, Caio Mahin will bring the delimitation of a self, using human forms and children's sculptures to create questions about gender, sexuality and identity, with a lot of sense of humor. The exhibition should be nothing less than a celebration of the human condition.

Opening: June 26th, 18.30:XNUMX pm

Opening hours: Wednesday and Sunday: 12pm-22pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 12pm-00am

June 30th (Sun.) - Round table at 17pm

The Exhibition will be open from the 26th to the 30th of June  


Location: House of Common

Rua da Rosa, 285, 1200-408 Lisbon

Artist: Fausto Lobo

The exhibition is about the power of sound. Pieces of jewellery that make noise, so the wearer can make themselves heard. Hearing: Possibly the most powerful sense in the human life experience. Hearing power: the power to be heard and hear others. Objects reconditioned into parts that emit or have emitted a sound. The proposal is shared listening by making sounds with the hands, causing encounters between the fingers, awakening the ears. The manipulation of sound has a strong connection with freedom and protest. Societies around the world free themselves and express themselves through their sonic culture. Power to sound. Make a presence felt through sound, propagate sonic freedom. Solitary percussion: pure desire for sound.

Opening: June 26th 18.30:XNUMX pm

Opening hours: Wednesday and Sunday: 12pm-22pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 12pm-00am

The Exhibition will be open from the 26th to the 30th of June

Contemporary Jewelry Auction

Venue: Veritas Art Auctioneers

Avenida Elias Garcia, 157 A/B, 1050-099 Lisbon

Ana Campos, Ana Fernandes, Caio Mourão, Carla Castiajo, Carolina Quintela, Catarina Silva Claude Schmitz, Deganit Stern Schocken, Diana Silva, Filomeno Pereira de Sousa, Gésine Hackenberg, Inês Almeida, Inês Nunes, Jorge Vieira, José Aurélio, Kukas, Leonor Hipólito, Lia Morais, Lidija Kolovrat, Manuela Sousa, Margarida Schimmelpfennig, Maria José Oliveira, Marília Maria Mira, Paolo Marcolongo, Patrícia Domingues, Paula Crespo, Paula Mourão, Pilar Andaluz, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Sara Leme, Tanel Veenre, Ted Noten, Teresa Dantas, Tereza Seabra, Zélia Nobre

Curated by Cristina Filipe

First contemporary jewelry auction to take place in Portugal, featuring pieces by national and international artists, in a careful choice by Cristina Filipe, artist, curator, researcher and author of the book "Joalharia Contemporânea em Portugal. Das avant-gardes from 1960 to the beginning of the XNUMXst century" .

Exhibition: June 26th to 30th, from 10am to 20pm

Auction: July 1st at 19.00pm

“How much is it worth?”

Location: PADARIA24

Rua da Padaria, 24, 1100-389 Lisbon

Curatorship: Miriam Andraus Pappalardo and Renata Porto

Artists: Alice Lobato, Arthur Fajardo, Camila Fontana, Camila Ligabue, Carmen Ciancio, Carol Bergocce, Chris Cunali, Clau Senna, Cris Arenas, Daniela Foresti, Erica Carvalho, Esperança Leria, Fabi Malavazi, Fabiana Queiroga, Giuliana Mantovi, Iza Trinas, João Pedro Vellaco, Marcia Cirne, Mariana Tostes, Miriam Mamber, Nathalia Canamary, Nina de Marco, Renata Meirelles, Sueli Isaka, Thais Costa, Thais Squillaro

The expression “is it worth how much does it weigh?”, chosen as a reference for the theme of this exhibition, is intended to provoke and question various aspects related to the idea of ​​value, market, traditions, legends and customs. What can an object carry beyond its material value? So many stories and stories reinforce the imagination in relation to the exhibition’s theme. In Brazilian lands, during the times of slavery, it was common for the value of an enslaved person to be stipulated based on their age and weight, when the term “worth what they weigh” began to become popular. In Brazil, illegal mining, progressively, takes on an overwhelming proportion, invading indigenous lands, gaining an industrial scale. How many lives are at stake? What kind of scale do we really need? How can a kilo of cotton compare to a kilo of lead? How can you compare a gram of gold to a gram of salt? Memories, memories, love, hate, relationships between people, what weight do they have in our lives? From bulk food to a plate of food sold by the kilo, is it worth how much it weighs? When we think about sustainability and discover how many planets each person still needs to meet their desires and habits, how much is it worth? And in the assessment of the trade-off between nature and the industrial revolution, does the math come to an end? Is it worth how much it weighs?

Opening - June 27th 11am

Open Hours:  10h - 14h

Exhibition will be open from June 27th to July 3th 2024



Class of Jewellery; Hollowware, Academy of Fine Arts Munich

Location: Church of Our Lady of Oliveira

Rua de São Julião 140, 1100-060 Lisbon

Artists: Students of the Munich academy

The “Under” exhibition aims to challenge social norms and draw attention to important but often forgotten issues. By placing the works under a table, the exhibition symbolically reveals what is typically hidden or ignored in our culture. It insists that there are aspects of our society, such as political discussions and movements, that are relegated to the background or kept out of sight, but which nevertheless play a crucial role in shaping our democracy and our social fabric. The concept of starting political movements in the shadows or underground is particularly intriguing. It highlights how change often starts in small, intimate settings and gradually gains momentum. It is a hopeful reminder that meaningful social change can emerge from everyday conversations or personal experiences of injustice. Overall, “Under” appears to offer a platform for reflection and dialogue on issues that deserve greater attention and engagement in our society. It challenges viewers to consider what lies beneath the surface of our cultural norms and confront the complexities and contradictions that exist in our democracy.

Opening: June 27th, 12pm-20pm

Time: 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th June from 15pm to 20pm, 27th June from 12pm to 20pm

Exhibition will be open from June 25th until June 29th 2024