1984 Teresa Milheiro


1984 Teresa Milheiro

Anthological exhibition of the jewelry work of Teresa Milheiro, who has been developing her work since 1984

May 20th 18:00 — 00:00

Zé dos Boi Gallery

ARCOLisboa timetable:
May 21st to 26th 12:00 — 22:00
Free entry. 

Opening hours May 27th to July 20th:
Monday to Friday 18:00 — 22:00
Entry: 3 € 

Tours guided by the artist and curators — June 21st, Friday, at 19pm; June 28th, Friday, at 18pm.

Curatorship: Manuel Castro Caldas and Natxo Checa

Teresa Milheiro's work establishes the body as a place of the inescapable original conflict between the human being and its collective nature. The bio-political instance, upon which violence, control, alienation, and obedience strike, resists the incompleteness of the fragile but sagacious subjectivity, unconformed with the docility of surviving and committed to wanting to be. Without documenting forty years of her career, the exhibition "1984" brings together existing and new works, staging, above all, the artist's dialogue with Orwellian dystopia.


With artistic training that includes Escola Artística António Arroio, IADE and AR.CO, and a career spanning more than thirty years of artistic creation and production, Teresa Milheiro makes her approach to jewelry as contemporary art unique.

Each piece of jewelry created is enlarged, assuming itself as a sculptural work, in which the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the variety of raw materials and technical mastery and innovation proceeds prior work of conceptual research and investigation. Additionally, the strict domain of contemporary jewelry is extrapolated through its disciplinary crossover with other forms of art, namely in diverse dialogues with photography, music, theater and performance.

Since the beginning of his career, he has maintained a regular presence in national and international, individual and collective exhibitions, among which the two appearances stand out, in '92 and '07, in Munich, at Schmuck, the most important exhibition of contemporary jewelry on a global level, in 23' “Beyond Borders” Galeria Reverso, '21 “Obsessive Controlling Tools” Espaço Camões, '21 “Spy on” Galeria Reverso 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewelry Biennial, '19 “the power of fragility” Galeria Sá da Costa, '19 “Spirits & Guardians” Galeria ATTA, Bangkok, '19 “1st Biennial of Contemporary Jewelry Portalegre” Church of the Convent of São Francisco, '19 “Summer Guests” Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in '11, in Belgium , at the “Triennale Européenne du Bijou Contemporain”, '23 “Passage to an Other Side” at the Museum of Theater and Dance, in '16 with “Passage to an Other Side” at the Money Museum, '15 “On the Horizon” Galeria Gaffa Gaffa Sidnay, '15 “Perfect Mutations” Galeria Chrissie Cotter, Sidnay, in '14 with “Passage to an Other Side” at the Marionette Museum, in '14 “Pin – 10 years” at the National Society of Fine Arts, in '13 with “Abecedário“ at the 40th anniversary Ar.Co at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in '12 with “Border City” at Instituto Camões, in '08 in Lisbon and in Rio de Janeiro at the exhibition “Joias Reaisem '04 at the exhibition “Meeting point – 25 years of Ar.Co jewelry intervention” at CAM – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, or in '90 at the “Biennale des Jeunes Criateurs de L'Europe Meditérranee”, among countless others. In '94, he co-founded Galeria Zé dos Bois. From '98, and for ten years, he collaborated with the company Archeofactu on jewelry collections destined for institutions and museums and inspired by their material or intellectual heritage, while maintaining individual and independent creation and production in parallel. In '07, she created Galeria Articula. Her work is present in national and international private collections, has numerous inclusions in national and international catalogs and publications, participation in conferences and debates and on several panels as a judge for competitions. She is a jewelry teacher at Ar.Co '16. to '19. Her website www.teresamilheiro.com presents the works mentioned in this note and many more. In March '18, RTP presents the documentary “Jewelry for what I want”.